Vision – EMPOWER - Help Our Angels

Dear Employer,

We know you are very busy, so we will not take a lot of your time:

Do you have any job openings?  If your answer is "Yes" you have an opportunity to participate in the "Help Our Angels" program.

Here is the way in works:

Call us and describe the job description (we have construction workers to social workers)

We will fill the position within 12 hours

You make a $50 donation for every 8 hours of work (after every 8 hours you will receive a pay pal invoice unless other arrangements made)

The worker from this point on is considered a "volunteer"

100% of the  $50 will go towards the "volunteers" housing, food.transportation, and self up programs.

The volunteer will be completing a 12-18 month program that pulls them from poverty to independent living
Please let us know if you have any questions or you are ready to get started.
We currently have 80 residents needing  full time employment.
Have a great day,
Susan Owens
Founder Angels Recovery House
Phone 214-498-8510


We offer the following:

Safe Living Environments

Peer to Peer Support

In House Bible Study

Men's Meetings

Women's Meetings

Overcomers Support Groups

GOD14 Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Life Skills

Resumé Writing

Job Hunting Skills

Interview Attire