Susan Hunnicutt Owens

Director of Angels Recovery House

Born in 1962, Susan Hunnicutt-Owens , was a child of the turbulent 1960’s. As a young person growing up during the time when computers were first being introduced into the workplace, she aspired to be a computer programmer and hoped to get a college degree in business management. Along the way, however, Susan began to make wrong choices that led her to alcohol and drugs, and all of her hopes and dreams dissolved into the stupor of that dark world. By the time Susan reached the age of twenty-five years, she had experienced a number of rehabilitation programs, locked units, voluntary units, and jails. None of these institutions were able to change the pattern of behavior Susan had adopted and she continued her pursuit of drugs and at the age of thirty-five, the number of institutions and rehabilitation programs she had visited had doubled. She joined Alcoholics Anoymous and Narcotics Anonymous, both of which programs helped her become sober from time to time. During these sober periods she would get a good job, become financially responsible, get her family back together and start building a new life. But each time she did this, she eventually relapsed into her old habits and that new life would disintegrate. Then, at the age of thirty-six, Susan made a truly conscious decision to make a change in her life. She decided to seriously explore AA and NA and to allow those programs to be a real influence upon her thinking. She entered a secular program known as Oxford House, a recovery facility and half-way house. During this period, she discovered the television ministry of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyers, listened to their advice, and began to believe in herself. She found new hope and a new faith that she had not known before. Upon her release from Oxford House, she became a member of First Family Church in Dallas, Texas where she became a Christian, turned herself over to the will of God, and asked for his blessings and direction in her life. She became a GOD14 drug and alcohol counselor , a spiritual faith-based program, and involved herself in Overcomers, a twelve-step Bible-based program.
Indeed, God has blessed this young woman. Over the last ten years, Susan has not only become a successful business woman, managing a regional office of a nationwide marketing firm, but she has also established homes for men and women where faith in God and hope for one’s self provide the backdrop for overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Through Angels House which she established in 2004, Susan now has eight homes for women and four homes for men in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These are private homes in residential areas for those who would otherwise have nowhere to go upon leaving prison or other correctional/treatment centers. These homes can also be an alternative to jail for some offenders, and offer a safe place for female victims of various forms of abuse. Occupancy remains at capacity and there is a waiting list. Susan’s goal is for Angels House to become nationally known with homes for men and women established all over the United States. In the shorter term, she hopes to create a residential treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse in Dallas, Texas.
Through her life experiences and the wisdom they have brought, Susan understands that if she is to maintain her own faith and sobriety, she must give of herself to others, share her faith, and inspire others to have the courage to change.
Susan Hunnicutt Owens has recently married and now lives in Mesquite, Texas with her husband and daughter.



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