Vision – EMPOWER

Equip the underserved community to become

Motivate the downtrodden to find a positive new way of life

Promote a positive lifestyle

Overcome obstacles in the oppressed


Enhance the lifestyle 

Restore integrity to the broken

Mission - PROSPER

Provide a positive and safe environment for the client

Recovery is our number one objective

Opportunity to Overcome & achieve sustainable recovery for every client

Stay Spiritually connected through learning to hear from our HIGHER POWER

Peace in the life of every client

Encourage each and every client with a continuum of support services and care

Respect is an ultimate goal, give respect to others and respect will come back to you

Motto - AT

Where you're AT

            In your life

                        In your recovery

AT will impact your life

as they Empower you to Prosper in your future.





We offer the following:

Safe Living Environments

Peer to Peer Support

In House Bible Study

Men's Meetings

Women's Meetings

Overcomers Support Groups

GOD14 Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program

Life Skills

Resumé Writing

Job Hunting Skills

Interview Attire